We believe that becoming a psychoanalyst involves both intellectual and personal learning and have designed our training program to support each candidate’s development of his or her own identity as a psychoanalyst within our diverse psychoanalytic community. Personal learning is centered around a candidate's own analysis and individual supervision. The intellectual heart of our training program is a comparative evaluation of the major contemporary and traditional models of psychoanalytic theory and practice. The studies foster open, ongoing dialogue and are informed by classical theories, relational, life span, developmental, and newly emerging perspectives. The Institute encourages a spirit of psychoanalytic inquiry, ferment, and critical thinking. We promote active, nonhierarchical collaboration among all segments of the Institute community — candidates, faculty, administration, and supervisors. We view this collaboration to be the most fruitful model for the pursuit of learning. This principle is applied in all facets of the Institute’s life, from educational philosophy to governance.

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