PsyD Program

The PsyD program is an optional program that enables Candidates in our certificate in psychoanalysis program to earn the Doctor of Psychology in Psychoanalysis degree. All candidates in our certificate and PsyD programs must be licensed mental health practitioners in the state of California, meaning they are either licensed clinical social workers or licensed marriage family therapists. The goal of the PsyD program is to provide doctoral-level training in psychoanalytic scholarship, research, and writing. Candidates who select this track must complete all requirements for our certificate in psychoanalysis program and will undertake additional PsyD coursework and write a dissertation under the guidance of a dissertation committee. The objective of the PsyD curriculum is to provide candidates with a critical overview of the central scientific, philosophical, and epistemological issues surrounding psychoanalytic inquiry and the advancement of psychoanalytic theory and technique. This course work stimulates the development of a dissertation topic that stands as an original investigation or exposition of a subject relevant to the practice of psychoanalysis or relevant to the application of psychoanalytic knowledge in other contexts. The PsyD degree certifies that in addition to receiving psychoanalytic training, the graduate has made a scholarly contribution to psychoanalytic knowledge.

PsyD Program Questions?
Please call the PINC office at (415) 288-4050