Community Psychoanalysis Track

The Community Psychoanalysis Track (CPT) allows candidates to substitute the one year, 50 hour analytic training case required by PINC with a collaboratively constructed project in a community mental health agency.

As with all cases, candidates discuss the suitability of taking on a CPT case with their Advisors. The CPT case cannot be the first training case. Candidates fulfill requirements set forth by the CPT which primarily feature work in the community under group supervision in the weekly Core Seminar, which includes a credentialed Community Psychoanalysis Supervising Analyst (CPSA) assigned to the candidate. The Core Seminar includes didactic, experiential and writing components. Candidates must also complete two CPT-approved electives or their equivalent before graduation.

The core seminar is the primary teaching and supervisory component of the CPT. It meets weekly for 90 minutes and includes elements of case conference, supervision, and reflective group. As the number of candidates and projects increases over time, the CPT will establish simultaneous core seminar groups, composed of the candidate participants, PINC CPSAs, Community Consultants, and occasionally CPT co-directors.