South Bay Study Series Opener – Entanglements with Trauma Through Generations

Opening event of the South Bay Extended Study Series

Entanglements with Trauma Through Generations: Encountering Ourselves and the World(s) We Live In

Denni Liebowitz, LCSW, Discussant Era A. Loewenstein, Ph.D.

flyerWhether in the realm of the socio-political or the most intimate internal and interpersonal struggles we face, an implicit question in clinical work and thought is this - What might be the future of the past? In this paper, we will explore the fate of external trauma in both of these realms and the disruptive impact of trauma on emotional development, the capacity to mourn, and intergenerational transmission. The presenter will offer two case narratives to elaborate these ideas. The first is personal and focuses on the intergenerational impact of unresolved mourning. The second applies clinical thinking in the arena of the socio-political, exploring the ongoing legacy of the Holocaust in Israel. Both of these narratives elaborate the geography of undigested trauma and the inevitability of denial and dissociation. Working with these concepts, the presenter will fashion a fused/confused object, extending Ferenczi’s identification with the aggressor, whose sorting out facilitates a separation from the trauma itself, the instantiation of time, and a path less burdened by repetition. With the presence of an “other”, listening into silence and seeing what we have not wanted or been able to see and experience, allow the possibility of transformation.

September 14th, 2019 1:00 PM
Lucie Stern Community Center - Fireside Room
1305 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94301
United States
Event Fee(s)
General $ 60.00
PINC Member $ 45.00
CE Credits (3) $ 30.00