Neuropsychoanalysis – The Craving Brain

How the Dopamine System Gets You Wanting What You Need—and What You Don’t

Peter Ralston, MD, with Maggie Zellner and Loong Kwok

January 26, 9:00am–12:30pm

flyerThis event will present the dopamine system, which underlies anticipation, seeking behavior, and cravings. We will discuss the theoretical implications of that knowledge, and then present a clinical case for discussion. Dr. Peter Ralston will take us through the dopamine system. We’ll learn about the brain structures that activate the system, and in the end, how the system gets us looking for what we need. We will also learn how the system can be hijacked to get us craving what we don’t need. Dr. Maggie Zellner will then lead a discussion of the presentation to think about how this information could inform our clinical work. To continue that integration, Dr. Loong Kwok will present a clinical case involving addiction.

January 26th, 2019 9:00 AM
530 Bush Street
Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94108
United States
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