PINC Symposium – Relationships in Development

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Stephen Seligman, DMH with Discussant Francisco J. González, MD

Thursday, September 27, 2018, 7:30–9:00pm

In an era of theoretical pluralism, it can be extraordinarily difficult to find an organizing framework that is neither dogmatically totalizing nor merely a cobbled-together pastiche.

Relationships in Development: An Integrative Model for Psychoanalysis

In his new book, Relationships in Development: Infancy, Intersubjectivity, and Attachment, Stephen Seligman offers an overarching vision of psychoanalysis that uses the “metaphor of the baby” to examine clinical and historical differences between theoretical orientations from Freud, Klein, Ego Psychology, Object Relations (including Winnicottian and post-Bionian) to the present “Relational turn.” In postulating a relational-developmental psychoanalysis, Dr. Seligman provides us a way to link theoretical plurality to the consulting room, along several core dimensions that point toward a new view of analytic theory:

  • Recognition, reflection, and emotional security;
  • Vitality, activity, and communication;
  • Awareness, uncertainty, confusion, and complexity.

Anne Alvarez called the book “outstanding,” “masterly,” and “a great read,” while Thomas Ogden hailed it as “a compelling study of twenty-first century psychoanalysis…that seems to me to pick up where Greenberg and Mitchell’s 1983 classic Object Relations in Clinical Psychoanalysis leaves off.” Please join us in conversation with Drs. Seligman and González.

Dr. Seligman’s new book can be purchased online directly from the publisher.

September 27th, 2018 7:30 PM
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