South Bay Monthly Reading Group – March

organized by Julie Gerhardt, PhD and Alison Cabell, MFT

Friday, March 16, 7-9pm

SBCPS is hosting a monthly reading group for interested clinicians at all levels of involvement. Meetings are held in a home in Palo Alto. Our intent is to gather for a close reading, and some discussion, of key papers in the contemporary psychoanalytic literature which focus on both theory and technique as illustrated through case material in the readings.

Reading Group logoRequired Readings: Bernstein, J.W. Unexpected Antecedents to the Concept of the Death Drive: A return to the beginnings. Paper to be published. (1918?) Ferro, A. (2005). Seeds of Illness and the Role of Defenses. In: Ferro’s Seeds of Illness, Seeds of Recovery: The Genesis of Suffering and the Role of Psychoanalysis. NY: Brunner-Routledge. (pgs. 1-12). Levine, L. (2016). A Mutual Survival of Destructiveness and Its Creative Potential for Agency and Desire. Psychoanal. Dial., 26: (pgs. 36-49). This month’s SBRG features the proverbial embarrassment of riches. First, arecent paper by one of our (PINC) own!! in preparation for her residence at PINCas a Visiting Scholar in March. In JWBernstein’s erudite essay, she traces the early precursors of Freud’s Eros and death instincts suggesting that Freud’s theorizing of the drives, though formulated in different terms, had always been dualistically conceived and concludes “Only by concurrent or mutually opposing action of the two primal instincts - Eros and the death instinct - never by one or the other alone, can we explain the rich multiplicity of the phenomena of life”. In contrast, for Ferro, the ‘death instinct’ manifests a “transgenerational legacy of accumulated beta elements” whereas Levine suggests that the mutual survival of destructiveness between herself and her patient became the source of therapeutic action.

March 16th, 2018 7:00 PM
Admission $ 15.00
CE Credits (2) $ 20.00