organized by Julie Gerhardt, PhD and Alison Cabell, MFT

Friday, January 19, 7-9pm

SBCPS is hosting a monthly reading group for interested clinicians at all levels of involvement. Meetings are held in a home in Palo Alto.

Reading Group logoReading (readings from Sam Gerson’s syllabus/seminar on Witnessing) Poland, W. (2000). The analyst’s witnessing and otherness. Journal of the American Psychoanal. Asso. 48(1): 17-33. Ullman, H. (2006). Bearing witness: Across the barriers in society and in the clinic. Psychoanal. Dial., 16(2): 181-198.

The readings for this seminar consist of two theoretically generative, clinically nuanced papers from somewhat different theoretical perspectives exploring the role of witnessing and, specifically, the analyst as witness for those who have experienced trauma and the ensuing damage to self. Poland makes the claim that witnessing is a hidden yet intrinsic analytic function - distinct from empathy and interpreting. It requires the analyst’s engaged nonintrusiveness and presupposes the analyst’s involved otherness and, correspondingly, the patient’s advancing self-other differentiation. Ullman’s focus is on witnessing as a social process illustrated by her involvement as a “moral witness” in an Israeli human rights organization working in the West Bank as well as in a clinic working as a therapist with clients who are survivors of, usually, man-made suffering/trauma.

January 19th, 2018 7:00 PM
Admission $ 15.00
CE Credits (2) $ 20.00