Analytic Translations of Socio-Political Impact on Self and Other in Periods of Unrest

The South Bay Community for Psychoanalytic Study Extended Study Series

September 2017–May 2018

flyerMany of us who feel burdened and confused by socio-political events reach into our analytic minds to make sense of our experience and that of our patients in a transforming society.  We try to soothe patients and ourselves as we engage in analytic relationships that are affected by the political, socio-historical axis in our society at a given moment, in ourselves and in our clinical encounters.  The Study Series for next year will look at social imagery, social historical institutions in individuals and things, the origins of representations, and the socialization of the psyche.   We will address the phenomenon and manifestations of racism, sexism, the bystander phenomenon, living through and in traumatic events and times, and the wish to deny and disavow. We will consider how to navigate the paranoia, rage, polarization, and confusion we see in our offices.  We will study what happens to the social imaginary and the social containers in times of political threat that make it difficult to think, as well as consider the moral and ethical hero in times of social upheaval or authoritarian rule.   We hope to understand the intersection of other versus self and the use of dream space, which can collapse when our own experience is in conflict or overlapping with the other.  We will study the advantages and limits of the reflective and curious position of psychoanalytic thinking as it is applied to politics.  And finally, we will look at group dynamics of masses in response to changing and threatening political trauma.

September 27 – October 25, Charles Fisher, MD
Large Group Psychology and the Dark Side of Human Nature

November 1 – December 6, Maureen Katz, MD,
The Socio-Historical Axis in our Society, Ourselves and our Clinical Encounters

January 10 – 31, Orit Atzmon, PhD
Rulers, Dictators, Terrorists, and Messiahs On the Couch — Can Psychoanalytic thinking further our understanding of their minds?

February 7 – March 7, Lynn Alexander, PsyD, MFT,
Clinical Case Consultation: Use of Case Material for Learning Analytic Techniques with Difficult Cases related to Socio-Political Issues

March 28 – May 9, Dennis Facchino, PhD, MFT,
In Depth Look at the Role of Groups in the Political and Individual Lives of People

September 27th, 2017 10:00 AM
President's Conference Room::Menlo College
1000 El Camino Real
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