SBCPS Extended Study Series—What's Going On?

What's Going On? Race, Culture, Trauma and the Collective Unconscious

The South Bay Community for Psychoanalytic Study and PINC present this yearlong series in four parts.

The Psychoanalytic Process: Maps of the Terrain and the Courage to Explore it—Hugh Grubb, PsyD

Bodies-Minds in Disappeared Time: Collective Trauma in the Analytic Field—Drew Tillotson, PsyD, FIPA, BPsaA

Cultural Trauma and the Compulsion to Repeat— Karim Dajani, PsyD

The Ways Social, Cultural and Political Themes Find Their Way Into Our Consulting Rooms—Cynthia Chalker, MSS, LCSW

September 2021–April 2022, Wednesdays 10:00 - 11:30 am, 28 sessions

The social and political forces of the last decade have forced a reckoning in psychoanalysis, its practitioners and its clients. The profession is contending with the urgent need to update and expand theory and practice to include the diversity of clinicians and patients.

Our goal is to place into context psychoanalysis and the ways painful social, cultural, traumatic and political themes find their way into our consulting rooms. We will examine the idea of “disappeared time,” i.e., the clinical hour impacted by the collective trauma of COVID-19, racial unrest, wildfires, scarcity of resources and January 6. We will focus on the abrupt changes in temporality and embodiment and on the aftermath of adaptation to a traumatized analytic space and frame. (Bion, Civitarese, Green, Harris, Stern).

We will study the arc of early trauma starting within the family and continuing to the social and cultural traumata (views expanded by the American Cultural School: Guralnick, Stern, Layton, Dajani and Gonzalez). Particular attention will be given to race, culture, the unconscious and the way it replicates itself in individuals and groups.

We will explore diverse ideas about the evolving psychoanalytic process, the differences in aims, and our own difficulties adjusting to this process. We will examine our personal truths, authenticity and aloneness as we face the limits of our understanding and effectiveness, speaking from experience, openly and honestly. (Goldberg, Lear, Spezzano, Symington).

September 8th, 2021 10:00 AM
Online via Zoom (Pacific Time Zone)
United States
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