The 530 Bush high-rise elevator will be out of service for an estimated four weeks in September, 2017. To get to the seventh floor you will have to walk stairs up from the fifth floor. Two elevators run from the lobby to the fifth floor.

EXPECTED DATES: From September 7- October 5, we will update this notice if dates change.

Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Board Officers

Barbara A. Baer, PhD President
Julie Leavitt, MD President-Elect
Bruce Weitzman, MFT Secretary
Marjorie Randolph, JD Treasurer

Board Directors

Rachel Licitra, MFT Candidate Representative
Emily Seidel, PsyD Candidate Representative
Hannah Nystrom, PhD Candidate Representative (alt)
Eric Essman, MA Community Advisory Member
Marjorie Randolph, JD Community Advisory Member
To be elected Community Advisory Member
To be elected Community Advisory Member
Dori Dubin, PsyD Faculty Representative
To be elected Faculty Representative
Hugh Grubb, PsyD Graduate Representative
To be elected Graduate Representative
Dennis Facchino, PhD Member-at-Large
Kali Hess, MFT Member-at-Large
Nancy Hollander, PhD Member-at-Large
Denni Liebowitz, LCSW Member-at-Large
Cindy Sachs, MFT Personal/Supervising Analyst Representative
Elizabeth Weisz, PhD Personal/Supervising Analyst Representative

Committee Chairs

Jim Meyers, PhD Admissions Chair
Nancy Drooker, PhD Community Wellness Co-Chair
Thomasine McFarlin, LCSW Community Wellness Co-Chair
Robert Bartner, PhD Continuing Education Chair
Dvora Honigstein, PhD, MFT Credentials Co-Chair
Cheryl Jacques, PsyD Credentials Co-Chair
Julie Leavitt, MD Curriculum Chair
Terrance McLarnan, MFT Dean of Candidates
Dawn Shifreen-Pomerantz, MFT Development Chair
Chuck Brandes, PhD Ethics Chair
Francisco Gonzalez, MD Extra Curricular Education Chair
Marjorie Randolph, JD Finance Chair
TBD Graduation Coordinator
Maureen Murphy, PhD IPA Liaison
Charles Spezzano, PhD IPA Liaison
To be elected Membership Chair
Luca DiDonna, PhD Newsletter Co-Chair
Rosalinda Taymor, MD Newsletter Co-Chair
Drew Tillotson, PsyD Nominations Chair
Jane Christmas, PhD Outreach & Public Information Chair
Ralph Kaywin, DMH Progressions Co-Chair
Mary Tennes, PhD Progressions Co-Chair
Sheila Longerbeam, PsyD PsyD Program
Nancy Levine-Jordano, LCSW Referral Service Co-Chair
Bruce Weitzman, MFT Referral Service Co-Chair
To be elected Special Events Co-Chair