Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Board Officers

Kali Hess, MFT President
Bruce Weitzman, PsyD, MFT Past-President
To be elected President-Elect
Kate Page, PsyD, MFT Secretary
Wendy Everett, ScD Treasurer

Board Directors

Elise Geltman, LCSW Candidate Representative
Joanne Shurter, MFT Candidate Representative
Regina Shields, PhD, MFT Community Advisory Member
Danny Yu, LCSW Community Advisory Member
Shubha Herlekar, PsyD, MFT Community Advisory Member
To be elected Community Advisory Member
To be elected Faculty Representative
To be elected Faculty Representative
Alice Shaw, PhD Graduate Representative
Suzanne Haas-Lyon, PhD Graduate Representative
Julie Leavitt, MD Member-at-Large
Carole Christensen, PsyD, MFT Member-at-Large
Sheila Longerbeam, PsyD, MFT Member-at-Large
To be elected Member-at-Large
Cynthia Colvin, PhD Personal/Supervising Analyst Representative
Megan Rundel, PhD Personal/Supervising Analyst Representative

Committee Chairs

Barbara A. Baer, PhD Admissions Chair
Francisco Gonzalez, MD Community Psychoanalysis Co-Chair
Rachael Peltz, PhD Community Psychoanalysis Co-Chair
To be elected Continuing Education Chair
Dvora Honigstein, PhD, MFT Credentials Co-Chair
Cheryl Jacques, PsyD Credentials Co-Chair
Betsy Kassoff, PhD Curriculum Co-Chair
Mary Tennes, PhD Curriculum Co-Chair
Nancy Levine-Jordano, PsyD, LCSW Dean of Candidates
Maureen Murphy, PhD Distance Learning Co-Chair
Tom Wooldridge, PsyD Distance Learning Co-Chair
Chuck Brandes, PhD Ethics Chair
Emily Seidel, PsyD Extra Curricular Education Co-Chair
Ortal Kirson-Trilling, PsyD Extra Curricular Education Co-Chair
To be elected Graduation Coordinator
Maureen Murphy, PhD IPA Liaison
Charles Spezzano, PhD IPA Liaison
Maureen Murphy, PhD (Interim) Membership Chair
Luca DiDonna, PhD Newsletter Chair
Bruce Weitzman, PsyD, MFT Nominations Chair
Carolina Bacchi, PsyD Outreach Co-Chair
Adam Beyda, PsyD Outreach Co-Chair
Terrance McLarnan, MFT Progressions Chair
Debbie Ghidinelli, MFT Referral Service Co-Chair
Michael Korson, MFT Referral Service Co-Chair
To be elected Special Events Co-Chair